About Us

How it all started

In the year 2008, Jeremy met up with one of his friend who was in the midst of polishing a car. Mesmerize by the end result of a sparkling shiny car, Jeremy very soon was interested in the craft and decided to embark in a new business journey with Shine Cars.

Since day one, we firmly believe that one of the ingredients for the business to succeed is to use only top quality products and tools with effective methodology in our operation. We started by attending detailing workshops and continue to research and test new products over the years as technology in the car care industry progresses. Besides acquiring knowledge, we have wealth of experience serving authorised/ used-car dealers, Singapore Ferrari and countless end-users.

About Shine Cars

Shine Cars is a business that provides detailing services and car care supplies.

We cater to the needs of our customers by grooming their car at their convenient location while they spend quality time at work or from home. We are equipped with all the necessary equipments such as portable washer, generator, air compressor, buffer, lighting, vacuum cleaner, paint thickness guage, european steamer and many more in order to produce high quality work. Our customers can enjoy an extensive range of services which include basic washing and protection packages, various degrees of paint correction packages, headlight restoration, glass polishing and paint protection system.

Being car enthusiasts ourselves, we are conscious with the products and techniques used on our customers’ car. We never stop testing new detailing products and have refined our craft to our best ability. In addition, products selected are from reputable brands in the detailing industry. Some examples are Quartz0, Sonax, Menzerna, Meguiar, Optimum and Camui. More importantly, we follow the motto of Detail with Passion. We will strive to groom your car beyond satisfactory. We believe that every detailed car is a representative of our work and effort which is why we are ready to go the extra mile to make your car look good.

Apart from grooming services, Shine Cars also designs and supply detailing products to business and D-I-Y enthusiast. These products are carefully considered, tested and have excellent track record in the detailing community. Over our decades of experience, we looked into the detailing system adopted by the american, european and asian, and work with quality manufacturers with the goal of producing quality products and best practises to the industry. If you are running a detailing business, feel free to contact us for more in depth discussion. We are confident that Shine Cars E-store will become your detailing solution.

If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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