Menzerna SF4000 (Super Finish PO106FA) (250ml)

Menzerna SF4000 (Super Finish PO106FA) (250ml)
Brand: Menzerna
Product Code: Finishing Polish
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Menzerna SF4000 (Super Finish PO106FA) (250ml)

Menzerna Super Finish PO106FA is the next generation of Nano Polish PO106FF. While the older formula has already set a high standard for finishing polish, this polish just works better. Some noticeable differences include cutting faster and dust lesser. With Super Finish PO106FA, you are able to remove mild imperfection like 2500 grits sand scratches, holograms, fine swirls and produce a very high level of gloss. Menzerna Super Finish PO106FA is a bodyshop safe polish that contains no silicone, wax, glaze or filler. It has the cutting ability lesser than Menzerna Power Finish but a little more than Menzerna PO85RD. After polishing with Menzerna Super Finish, your paint finish will be ready for your favourite wax/sealant coating. Get impress by the high standard set by Menzerna finishing polish with this polish now.

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