Lake Country 5.5" Purple Foam Wool Pad

Lake Country 5.5" Purple Foam Wool Pad
Brand: Lake Country
Product Code: Polishing Pad
Availability: In Stock

Lake Country 5.5" Purple Foam Wool Pad

Lake Country Purple Foam Wool is a patented nanofoam process encapsulates the base of the lambswool fibers with microscopic polyfoam particles. It cuts like natural sheepskin but finishes like a foam pad. When used with a heavy compound, it is possible to removes P1500 grit sand scratches on certain clearcoat, leaving a lustrous finish with little or not hazing. Purple Foam Wool also has a dense body that will resist compound caking and matting which also improves cushioning and retention of compounds and polishes. Try this technological advance pad now and you might not go back to foam pad for compounding jobs.

Pad Aggressive level (Highest to lowest)
Purple Foam Wool Pad
Yellow Cutting Pad
Orange Light Cutting Pad
Green Light Cutting/ Polishing Pad
White Polishing Pad
Black Finessing Pad
Blue Finessing Pad


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