Quartz0 5" Thin Polishing Wool

Quartz0 5" Thin Polishing Wool
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Quartz0 5" Thin Polishing Wool

Quartz0 Thin Polishing Wool pad is specifically designed for the use with Ryobi RSE-1250 and Ryobi PEG-130, although it is suitable for any machine. Every details in the wool pad has been carefully considered for optimal result. Constructed with a thin 5mm pliable foam interface, 35mm center hole and low density wool to provide a heavy cutting action. The 5mm foam interface is probably one of the lowest profile setting you can find on the market. It is intentionally build with thin and low density foam material to transfer as much machine motion directly to the panel. The pliable thin foam will allow detailers to feel the panel curves for very precision polishing right up to the edges.

The 35mm center hole has two main function. First, it will help to eliminate heat accumulated at the center which is common with most machine. Second, it is to prevent the twisting of wool at the center which when happened, will increase the risk of scouring the surface. The low density wool is designed to optimally work the abrasive in evenly on the surface.

For effective and efficient work process, we strongly recommend Quartz0 Thin Polishing Wool pad to use with dry lubricant compound. It is also highly recommended to clean with a compress air after working every few panels to remove paint and abrasive residue. 

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