Quartz0 5" Heavy Duty Cutting Wool

Quartz0 5"  Heavy Duty Cutting Wool
Quartz0 5"  Heavy Duty Cutting Wool
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Quartz0 5" Heavy Duty Cutting Wool

Quartz0 Heavy Duty Cutting Wool is designed for the use with long throw polisher. This product concept is a collaboration effort between a premium manufacturer and professional detailers. Over years of fine tuning, every detail in the wool pad has been carefully considered for best performance. Constructed with medium density wool, thin 5mm pliable high density foam interface and highly ventilated backing material for a durable heavy cutting action.

Many detailers prefer their compounding task using wool with rotary because of their fast cutting action and lower heat generation. The tradeoff however is the unsightly buffer swirls created by the single force rotation motion. It is therefore common for many to switch to a dual action polisher in pursue of a good balance between a heavy cut and finish. Most wool however is dense and therefore does not work as well with the motion of a dual action rotation.

Quartz0 Heavy Duty Cutting Wool reduces the wool density to compliment the motion of a dual action motion for the abrasive to be evenly rub into the surface while extend the time before the fibers are matted down in a buffing cycle. The foam interface is also intentionally constructed at thin 5mm so that professional detailers can achieve heavier cutting action quickly. Face of the wool is build slightly larger than the hook and loop to minimise the risk of backing plate hitting the surface especially on curve panels.

Any pads that use with a dual action polisher tend to take alot of abuse due to the vigorous motion. Quartz0 Heavy Duty Cutting Wool mitigate the problem through its innovative backing and interface. The wool pad has little holes over the surface right to the hook and loop which is extremely effective in dispersing heat. The unique features will allow detailers to work on their compounding task continously while keeping the heat generated significantly lower.

For effective and efficient work process, we strongly recommend Quartz0 Heavy Duty Cutting Wool to use with dry emulsion compound. It is also highly recommended to clean with a compress air after working every few panels to remove paint and abrasive residue.

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