Notty Magic Clay Cloth

Notty Magic Clay Cloth
Brand: Notty
Product Code: Clay Cloth
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Notty Magic Clay Cloth

Notty Magic Clay Cloth works like a clay bar, but now you can get the job done faster and easier. Constructed with an unique polymer surface and a microfiber material, the clay cloth will shear off any unwanted above surface contaminate quick and easy. Treated surface will feel clean and smooth which is what you want to achieve before you start your polishing or waxing process. Simply lubricate the area with shampoo or clay lube then glide back and forth until the surface feel smooth. Rinse the cloth properly after each use to optimise the lifespan. This product is also not suitable to use with heavy solvents or tar remover chemical.

There are many different imitation of clay cloth in the market. Notty Magic Clay Cloth is from the original manufacturer who holds the patent to clay cloth technology. It is constructed with top grade raw material that will outlast the competitors offering.

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