Quartz0 P1 Fast Cut Compound- 4Kg

Quartz0 P1 Fast Cut Compound- 4Kg
Brand: Quartz0
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Quartz0 P1 Fast Cut Compound- 4Kg

Quartz0 P1 Fast Cut Compound is design for professional operator in mind to remove defects efficiently. Formulated with diminishing abrasives, users now can remove P1200 grit scratches and polish to a mirror shine in 1 single polishing cycle. Quartz0 P1 Fast Cut Compound has a short working time with a transparent characteristic. Users will have an easier time to inspect the result for unremoved defects without having to buff off the lubrication, therefore, significantly shorten the work process.

The formulation will also work well from softer finish to the harder scratch resistent clearcoat and can be use with all types of machines such as rotary, gear action and dual action polisher. P1 Fast Cut Compound is body shop safe which is free from silicon and waxes. Finish achieve is permanent. Quartz0 P1 Fast Cut Compound will work exceptionally well with Quartz0 Wool pad for defects removal while leaving behind minimal to no marring.​​

- Fast working without unnecessary buffing time
- Works well with most clearcoat and machines

- More dusting as compared to other heavily lubricated compound

Cut Level: 9/10
Gloss Level: 8/10

Made in USA, Modified in Singapore. Discount available for 4L Pack.

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