Notty Elite Microfiber (16"x16")

Notty Elite Microfiber (16"x16")
Brand: Notty
Product Code: Microfiber
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Notty Elite Microfiber (16"x16")

The Notty Elite Microfiber is made of premium blend of polyester and polyamide material with more than 350,000 strands per inch of microfiber material. This means that you will be using a soft, plush and safe cloth to pamper your ride.  

Not all microfiber are made the same. Some microfibers are simply too thick and will fold against itself during buffing, while some are simply too thin and does not feel safe enough to use on dedicated automotive finishes. The Notty Yellow Elite Microfiber does not have all these problems. Rather, it is made at the perfect size to work comfortably with any detailing job.

In addition, Notty Elite Microfiber re-enforces safe buffing by covering hemming edges with a polyester cloth edge and this ensure that there is no chance for hemming edges to scratch your ride.

*Colour Varies
*Bulk discount available - Contact us for more information

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