Notty Pro Detail Brush 3/ Set

Notty Pro Detail Brush 3/ Set
Brand: Notty
Product Code: Brush
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Notty Pro Detail Brush 3/ Set

Notty Pro Detail Brush 3/Set is design to clean difficult area and sensitive surface safely.  No metal material is use to build the brush; only plastic which reduces the risk of scratching when in contact with the working surfaces. The brush comes in a plastic body that is suitable to use wet for a long period of time. Bristle is made of chemical resistence soft boar hair at an optimal length for solid and safe agitation on your intended work surfaces.

There are really countless use for this brush. You can use it to clean the face and lugnut of the wheel, rubber trims, front and back grill, door jam and many more. It comes with 3 different sizes for different needs. Use the large brush to clean wider surfaces such as face of the wheel. The 2 smaller brush is ideal to clean door hinge, front grill, air vent and many tighter corners. 

Take note that the bristle are made of boar hair and may not be suitable for some due to religion reason.

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