Envy Swissvax Style Detail Brush

Envy Swissvax Style Detail Brush
Brand: Envy Brushes
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Envy Swissvax Style Detail Brush

The popular Envy Brushes is in store! These brushes are very well made in the UK and has been recommended by many detailing enthusiasts and professionals. The bristle are design at optimal length for your external and interior detailing task.  No metal material is use to build the brush; only plastic which reduces the risk of scratching when in contact with the working surfaces. The bristle is made of fine boar hair that aims to reach into difficult area and clean these sensitive surface safely. These area include: face and lugnut of the wheel,rubber trims, front and back grill, door jam and many more. The detail brush is particularly popular for cleaning door jams, boot jams, bumper, trim and crevice etc.

Take note that the bristle are made of boar hair and may not be suitable for some due to religion reason.

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