Grit Guard Insert

Grit Guard Insert
Brand: Grit Guard
Product Code: Wash Tool
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Grit Guard Insert

Swirls marks are usually cause by improper washing techniques. This includes rubbing dirt, sand and contaminates that stuck on to your wash medium to your paint finish. To minimise these, you need a Grit Guard Insert. How does it works? Place the Grit Guard Insert in the bottom of your rinse bucket and you use it to agitate your wash medium to release the grit. With Grit Guard, the dirt will settle down in the bottom of your bucket instead of going back to your wash mitt. The Four Quadrants at the base of the Grit Guard helps to calm the water and prevent the grit from floating around. Besides, you can use it to release dirt from brushes, microfiber cloth and even polishing pad. The Grit Guard Insert is design to work with 2.5-7 gallon of pails.

Colour Varies
Diameter - 10 1/8"
Height - 2 1/2"
Weight - 6 oz

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