Notty Eco Hyper Wash (5L)

Notty Eco Hyper Wash (5L)
Brand: Notty
Product Code: Shampoo
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Notty Eco Hyper Wash (5L)

Notty Eco Hyper Wash is a car shampoo that is made up of a blend of cleaners and emulsifiers to effectively remove different types of grime. Designed with detailers in mind, Eco Hyper wash is concentrated, safe, strong, easy rinse and economical that will simply get the job done. It is stable in the presence of hard water and is completely biodegradable. Use this shampoo to effectively remove oil and grime from your car before you proceed with the clay, polish and wax process.

Dilution ratio is at 1 to 2 oz per 10L of water

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