Notty Iron De-Con Cleaner (5L)

Notty Iron De-Con Cleaner (5L)
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Notty Iron De-Con Cleaner (5L)

Notty Iron De-Con Cleaner is a pH neutral cleaner designed to safely remove iron fallout commonly found on wheels and paintwork. Iron particles tend to attach to metal surfaces and gradually etch in overtime. These contaminates can be visibly hard to spot but can be easily felt by gliding your finger across the surfaces. If the surfaces have micro bumps or in more severe case felt extremely rough, chances are it is contaminated with iron fallout. Iron De-Con cleaner will react with contaminates and weaken the bond for easier removal. Notty Iron De-Con Cleaner also has suitable surfactant for effective wheel cleaning. The pH neutral formula also means that it will be safe to use on most wheels on the market.

Do not spray on hot surfaces and avoid copper alloy material. Spray on the intended treated area and wait for few seconds to a minute for the chemical to react. In the presence of iron fallout, the chemical will change from a pale yellow to dark red colour. Start agitating the surfaces when it turns dark red and rinse clean. In the absence of iron fallout, the cleaner will not change colour.

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