Quartz0 Coating Paste

Quartz0 Coating Paste
Quartz0 Coating Paste
Brand: Quartz0
Product Code: Sealant
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Quartz0 Coating Paste

Quartz0 Coating Paste is a paint sealant that designs to protect your car paintwork from the harmful element such as UV rays and road contaminates. Blended with unique formula of both a coating and sealant to provide high melting point and high water angle point, treated surface will exhibit high gloss and strong water repellent effect. Quartz0 coating paste is a pure sealant that is free of abrasive. This means that it suitable to apply either as a standalone protection or on cars that have been coated with quartz, glass or ceramic coating. The non-abrasive formula also means that the parintwork has to be clean before application for optimal result. For paintwork that has been neglected for some time, it is recommended to clay and polish first prior to application.

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