Braun Brush Wheel Woolies Combo

Braun Brush Wheel Woolies Combo
Brand: Braun Brush
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Braun Brush Wheel Woolies Combo

Braun Brush Wheel Woolies are probably one of the best inner wheel brushes on the market. These brushes are primary constructed for cleaning the inner wheel that so often people will stuggle with, and appearantly they have succeeded in doing so. The cleaning head is packed densely with high quality wool which can absorb way more cleaning solution than most brushes. Wool material is also excellent for removing dirt safely without scratching. Moreover, there is almost no annoying splitter that often occurs while cleaning with a long bristle brush. The brushes are also build with a long sturdy handle that allows you to extert pressure when cleaning even right to the end of the wheels. Apart from using on the inner wheel, these brushes can also be use to clean tough to reach area such as bumper and grills. 

The Braun Brush Wheel Woolies Combo comes in 3 cleaning head size; 3", 2" and 1", which gives you the option to select the optimal size for your cleaning job.
Dimension for 1" Brush : L(20cm) x W(2.5cm)
Dimension for 2" Brush:  L(32cm) x W(4cm)
Dimension for 3" Brush : L(46cm) x W(8cm)

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