Notty Super Wheel Cleaner- 5L

Notty Super Wheel Cleaner- 5L
Brand: Notty
Product Code: Wheel Cleaner
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Notty Super Wheel Cleaner- 5L

Notty Wheel Cleaner is an effective cleaner that cleans the wheel with minimal agitation. Formulated as a non acidic cleaner that will dislodge the brake dust with ease so that it could be easily rinse off without harming most surfaces. Used by many professional as a pre-soak cleaner on wheels for a cost effective yet quality performance cleaning process. Simply spray on to the surfaces evenly and wait for approximately 30 seconds and rinse off with a pressure washer. For detailers without a pressure washer, you can still easily rinse off the chemical with a pail of water. Comes in concentrated formula.

Recommend dilution ratio:
Standard cleaning: 1 part product: 10 part water
Strong cleaning: 1 part product: 5 part water

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