Notty Interior Cleaner- 5L

Notty Interior Cleaner- 5L
Brand: Notty
Product Code: All Purpose Cleaner
Availability: In Stock

Notty Interior Cleaner- 5L

Notty Interior Cleaner is design to clean on almost all automotive surfaces including leather and fabric. Formulated as a low foaming cleaner, it can also be use with a fabric extractor without creating excessive foam that may flow into machine motor. Notty All Purpose Cleaner is a carefully blend of surfactant that will break down and dissolve the toughest dirt, making your cleaning job a breeze. It comes in a concentrated formula which is highly economical to use.

Recommend dilution ratio:
Interior and painted surfaces: 1 part product: 6 part water
Wheels and tougher grime: 1 part product:3 part water

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