Notty Wool Static Duster

Notty Wool Static Duster
Notty Wool Static Duster
Brand: Notty
Product Code: Wool Duster
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Notty Wool Static Duster

Notty Wool Static Duster is the idea tool to remove dust from your car surfaces safe and easily. Constructed with lightweight wool fiber, dust can be safely brush off without having to exert pressure on the surfaces. Release dust particles quickly rubbing the handle between your palm to create a spinning action or simply blow it with compress air. Notty Wool Static Duster is a popular tool for detailer to brush off compound dust residue first before wiping with a microfiber towel. Doing so will helps to minimise the risk of re-inflicting scratchs when wiping awaysharp compound abrasive dust with just solely a microfiber towel. It can also be use to brush off dust on interior surfaces.

We recommend to use wool duster only on removing loose dust and not on soiled surfaces. Brush lightly without pressure to avoid scratching delicate surfaces. 

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