Quartz0 Flo Top Coat - 30ml

Quartz0 Flo Top Coat - 30ml
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Quartz0 Flo Top Coat - 30ml

Quartz0 Flo Top Coat- a cutting edge nanotechnology in surface protection. It is designed for detailers who is seeking to take paint protection to the next level. Flo Top Coat will crystallised into a thin firm of synthetic material commonly known as glass or ceramic coating. Flo Top Coat has additional ingredient to significantly reduce water spotting. As the name suggest, water will beads and flow away due to the excellent hydrophobic properties.

Flo Top Coat can be applied to paint, metal and plastic. Unlike wax and sealant, FloTop Coat will formed an strong bond and will add a measurable 2 to 5 micron (depending on application) thick of protection. It will protect your vehicle from weathering, UV-damage and light wash scratches for years.

For optimal result, Flo Top Coat must be applied on dry, wax free, oil free and properly polish surface. Only use product on car that is out of direct sunlight and treated surface temperature should be at room temperature( 20-30 degrees). Apply product to microsuede or microfiber applicator and apply on the paint evenly in a straight line motion making sure all areas are covered. Leave product on for approximately 5 minutes (20-30 degrees) before wiping off twice- first wipe is to remove most product leaving behind only some smear while second wipe is to ensure all smear is gone leaving behind an even finish. Treat 1-2 panels at a time (average application speed) and make sure all smear is removed before moving on to next panel. It is recommended to change to a new microsuede or microfiber applicator if the coating application process is not completed within 10 to 15 minutes.

Made in Japan

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