Quartz0 S1 Liquid Shield - 150ml

Quartz0 S1 Liquid Shield - 150ml
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Quartz0 S1 Liquid Shield - 150ml

Quartz0 S1 Liquid Shield is design as a top coating for various surfaces. It is formulated with high grade ingredient to provide a durable, slick, glossy and hydrophobic effect. S1 can be layered on surfaces that are treated with silica coating, or simply use as a stand-alone protection. Most paintwork will gradually feel dry when it is constantly exposed to contaminates- be it coated or not. Using S1 Liquid Shield will rejuvenate surfaces by creating the slick and excellent water beading effect. This will help to reduces dirt and water forming on the surfaces, thus reducing staining and water spotting. S1 Liquid Shield is extremely easy to use. Simply wipe it on the surface and buff it off before it dry. It comes in a concentrated formula, hence a little will goes a long way.

Fold a 40cm*40cm into 4 and mist the 4 corners of the cloth, this volume will be sufficient to treat about 1/3 of a door size. For best effect, apply on surface that is clean and dry. Treat 1-2 panels at a time by wiping on and buffing off before the product drys on the surface.

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