Quartz0 W1 Wheel Coating - 30ml

Quartz0 W1 Wheel Coating - 30ml
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Quartz0 W1 Wheel Coating - 30ml

Quartz0 W1 Wheel Coating - a cutting edge nanotechnology in surface protection from Japan. Quartz0 W1 will formed a micron thin layer of silica protection on the surface with a chemical bond on the surface much stronger than most typical sealant. Treated surface will have up to years of durability that will outlast most wheel wax/sealant on the market . Once fully cured, the surface will be chemical resistent from (pH 3-11) and exhibit strong beading properties. After coated, you will find that your wheels will be much easier to wash. 

For optimal result, W1 must be applied on dry, wax free, oil free and clean surface. After washing your wheels clean, remove as much water as possible and clean the surface thoroughtly with isopropyl alcohol to ensure all oil/streak is removed. Application should be done under room temperature of around 17-30 degrees. Apply product to microsuede or microfiber applicator and apply evenly. Use Notty mini foam stick to reach into tight corners such as lugnut and rim edges. Lightly buff off any excess product on the surface if any. Treat one wheel at a time and avoid excessively going over the same spot to prevent ugly streaks. You can apply a second layer after the first layer is semi-dry-  usually after 2 hours at around 20-30 degree ambience temperature. Change to a new microsuede or microfiber applicator if the coating application process is not completed within 10 to 15 minutes. Avoid driving for 1 to 2 hours after treatment. Do not wash with strong acidic or alkaline wheel cleaner as it will affect the coating. 

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