Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush

Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush
Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush
Brand: Speed Master
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Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush

If you are looking for the fastest way to clean your inner rims, the Speed Master Wheel Brush is probably the best tool to do so. Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush is the smaller version of Speed Master Wheel Brush.The soft and long bristle will help to squeeze into tight areas, reaching those grime that are impossible to do so with just a hand and a cloth. Constructed with nylex memory and chemical resistent bristle, the Speed Master JrWheel Brush is safe enough to use on most surface while able to keep its shape reasonally well. After tested many similar design of wheel brushes including many of the imitation, Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush still holds the top spot for us for being the best build in the bristle brush category. 

It is almost inevitable that there will be some splatter when pulling out the Speed Master Wheel Brush from the inner wheel; which is also why it is so efficient in cleaning. Therefore, we recommend to keep to the side of the wheel while cleaning the inner rims. 

Made in USA.

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